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Costume Examples for
The Ballad of Goodbye Gulch

Parents, organizers, and volunteers this is a slideshow of costume examples for The Ballad of Goodbye Gulch.  Hopefully this will aid you in putting together your participants costume. Click on any image to get a full screen view. Thanks in advance for helping out!


Everyone except Pied Pipers should wear costumes that make you look like a Cowboy, Cowgirl or Farmer


  • Jeans or Overalls look fantastic

  • Western Long Skirt, gingham or denim

  • Flannel Shirt (optional to tie up for girls with a cami underneath)

  • Add fringe on anything.  A parent used a brown paper bag and stapled on jeans.

  • Big Belt Buckles add great effect.

  • Hiking boots, Cowboy boots or any western looking shoe.

  • Girls can wear their hair in pony tails or braids

Everyone needs a Cowboy Hat and a Bandanna to wear around your neck.


Absolutely NO GUNS will be allowed.


POLITICAL PARTY (Sheriff, Marshall, Mayor, Town Council, Governor)
You can add badges to make you look official.



Better Than Broadway Productions will provide a numbered and specific Cowboy Hat, shirt and bandanna for each Piper. Pipers must bring black pants or jeans.  Also any color boots look great.

Specialty costumes being provided by us will require a fitting on Wednesday. All other costumes are required to be worn to school on Friday in preparation for the Assembly Performance.  Also they should be worn to Friday evening's performance.

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