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Vice President Howell Public Schools,
Steven M. Levine, Ph.D. 

I have felt the need to compliment you on your actions working with the children of Greenville School.  Watching the children perform was an absolutel delight!  I was even more amazing knowing that you only worked with them for a single week.  You included children ranging from grades one through five.  The performance cast included approximately 20% of the entire school's enrollment.  Watching you as you worked with them, it was quite evident how hard you were working and how very much you enjoyed what they were able to accomplish.  It was not just the parents, grandparents, other family members and friends who took delight in their accomplishments.  As a psychologist I am also very aware of how much you have contributed to the lives of children with whom you worked.  Each of the children will be able to carry the wonderful memory and her/his very real accomplishment with them throughout life.


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