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Costume Examples for Stone Soup

Parents, organizers, and volunteers this is a slideshow of costume examples for Stone Soup.  Hopefully this will aid you in putting together your participants costume. Click on any image to get a full screen view. Thanks in advance for helping out!
Full Cast
Max's Family
Sally and Full Cast
Board and Mayor
Stone Soup 2_edited
Stone Soup 3_edited
Stone Soup
Mayor Oswald


T-shirt and a vest with bait attached. Rain boots and a big goofy hat. Khakis or brown pants. (PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH REAL FISH HOOKS)

Spice Girls:

Should look like troubadours. Long skirts with a blouse. Big draping scarves or shawls, jewelry. Think Encanto! Bright and colorful!

Pie Merchants:

Should look like chefs. A chef’s shirt. Chef hats and aprons. On Friday they can add flour on their faces. Limit any cooking props to ones they do not have to hold.


Can wear jeans and a flannel shirt or overalls. A straw hat.

Max and Family and Sally and Students:

GIRLS (should look like peasants)

  • A colorful dress or skirt and blouse.

  • Colorful knee socks, leggings or tights.

MAX & BOYS (should look like peasants)

  • Colorful sweatpants rolled to the knee, baseball pants or knickers.

  • Long colorful socks that come up to their knees.

  • Colorful button-down shirt without logos.

  • Choose your other accessories:  

    • A Tie, A Vest, A Pair of suspenders


For Max's Family, there will also be something that goes over what you’re wearing provided


You should look very rich.  Dress in your fanciest clothing.  Suits and ties for boys and fancier type dresses for girls.  You can add jewelry, nice looking hats, fake fur, anything to make you look like you have lots of money.  Mayor, I will provide you a top hat.

Grammie your costume will be provided. Wear a t-shirt,leggings, and slippers


Specialty costumes being provided by us will require a fitting on Wednesday. All other costumes are required to be worn to school on Friday in preparation for the Assembly Performance.  Also they should be worn to Friday evening's performance.

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