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Summer Theater Camp!

July 22-July 26, 2024

Unleash your child's inner star at

Theater Camp!

Imagine your child transforming from a shy beginner to a confident performer, taking center stage with castmates and lifelong friends.  That's the magic of Theater Camp!


Here's what awaits:

  • Monday-Thursday: An immersive week of rehearsals filled with laughter, learning, and teamwork. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, young fledglings blossom into skilled actors, singers, and dancers.

  • Original Musical: Your child will be part of a unique and exciting musical production, specially crafted for their age group. They'll learn catchy tunes, engaging dialogue, and dynamic choreography.

  • Friday Performance: The moment of truth! Your child will shine onstage, showcasing their newfound talents in a dazzling performance for the entire community. It's a moment of pride for them, and a heartwarming experience for families and friends!

More than just a camp, it's:

  • An unforgettable experience: This isn't just learning lines and singing songs; it's about building confidence, making lifelong friends, and discovering hidden talents.

  • Campers eagerly await our program year after year, knowing it provides a positive and rewarding experience!

  • A launchpad for future stars: Many alumni return year after year, refining their skills and nurturing their passion for the performing arts.

Is your child ready to:

  • Embrace the spotlight?

  • Make memories that last a lifetime?

  • Join a supportive community of young performers?

Don't wait! Spaces fill up fast. Sign up today and give your child the gift of Theater Camp!

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