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Ignite your spotlight! Unleash your inner star!

Hold onto your hats, school communities, because Theater Week is here to turn your stage into a supernova! For one action-packed week, your students will transform from everyday scholars into show-stopping musical sensations, culminating in a performance that'll leave audiences cheering for more.

Imagine this:

  • Original musicals tailor-made for elementary and middle schoolers, bursting with catchy tunes, hilarious gags, and heart-warming moments.

  • No experience needed! Whether your kids are stage veterans or haven't discovered their inner ham, our expert team will guide them every step of the way, igniting their confidence and creativity.

  • More than just a play – it's a community celebration! Parents, teachers, students – everyone comes together to create a magical experience that builds lasting memories and bonds.

  • For over 25 years, we've been the go-to source for self-esteem-boosting shows that tap into the pure joy of performing. Watch children blossom as they discover their unique talents and shine under the spotlight.

Is your school ready to:

Fill auditoriums with thunderous applause?

Spark creativity and collaboration like never before?

Witness the next generation of theater stars take flight?

Then Theater Week is your golden ticket! Contact us today and let's get ready to raise the curtain on an unforgettable experience.



Theater Week isn't just about applause-worthy musicals, it's about fueling the future of student programs. Every standing ovation translates into support for initiatives that enrich young minds.

Forget boring bake sales – we're talking creativity in the spotlight! 

  • Cast photo collages that frame unforgettable moments, signed by the stars and snapped up by proud families.

  • Entrance tickets that double as raffle entries for epic prizes, donated by local businesses eager to join the applause.

  • Playbills brimming with vibrant ads, creating a marketplace for community gems.

  • Bouquets of "bravo blooms" bursting with color, a fragrant thank you for every generous patron.

  • T-shirts emblazoned with catchy show slogans, worn with pride long after the curtain falls.

These fundraising feats aren't just about greenbacks, they're about building a brighter stage for all students, empowering young talents. So, shine a light on your fundraising goals with Theater Week! It's a win-win-win: students shine, programs thrive, and your community applauds the magic you bring.


We believe in applause for every step, not just the grand finale. That's why Theater Week is a celebration of effort, not perfection. Our secret weapon? Positive reinforcement that builds self-esteem like a superhero suit.

We nurture a space of creative structured learning where beginners and seasoned stars shine equally. Whether you're belting out your first solo or adding another feather to your acting cap, we'll cheer you on every step of the way.

Our company believes in creating a supportive community where mistakes are stepping stones, not stumbles. We employ encouraging directors who see potential in every twinkle and every roar. 

Theater Week isn't just about putting on a show, it's about putting on your confidence. We'll equip your students with the tools, the support, and the "you've got this!" spirit to conquer any stage, from the classroom to the big leagues.

So, step out of the shadows and into the spotlight! Theater Week is waiting to ignite your inner stars. 

Theater Week is where lessons come alive in a dazzling symphony of song, dance, and laughter! Our original musicals aren't just foot-stomping fun, they're treasure chests bursting with timely topics like acceptance, cooperation, and empathy.

From grades 1 to 8, every child who wants to perform is welcome on our inclusive stage! Whether you're a seasoned performer or a curious newcomer, you'll find a role, a voice, and a place to shine. As the spotlight illuminates the story, you'll discover:

  • The power of acceptance: Celebrate diversity and learn to embrace differences with open arms (and maybe a catchy tune or two).

  • The magic of cooperation: Teamwork makes the dream work, and Theater Week is the perfect playground to build bridges, share the spotlight, and win hearts together.

  • The importance of mindfulness: Learn to treat others with kindness and respect, both on and off the stage, because every interaction is a chance to build a brighter world.

But Theater Week isn't just about lessons learned, it's about memories made. The bonds forged, friendships cemented by shared dreams and triumphs. 

Interested in hiring Better Than Broadway Productions?

Click here to get in touch with our team!

Theater Week books fast, one to two years in advance! Contact us today to secure your preferred date and don't miss out on the magic! 

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