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Costume Examples for
Mother Nature's Magical Kingdom

Parents, organizers, and volunteers this is a slideshow of costume examples for Mother Nature's Magical Kingdom.  Hopefully this will aid you in putting together your participants costume. Click on any image to get a full screen view. Thanks in advance for helping out!


Mother Nature and the Wee Ones
Full Cast
Bratty Bros
Brutal Bros and Sinister Sisters
Mama and Royals
Duke and Duchess


Colorful clothing, leotards, dance recital outfits, or clown costumes.  Comfortable shoes.  Friday for the performance only you may spray your hair different colors and add make up if it's ok with everyone at home.




We will provide a lab coat and stethoscope, but you can add a head mirror, badge, and/or prescription pad.



All blue.  Blue pants (jeans work), button down shirt (long or short sleeve), and a belt. ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS ALLOWED.  You can add other accessories like a walkie talkie, badge, or hat.



Bring jewelry, and any accessories necessary to make you look like royalty. If you have a gown and a tiara, you can bring that too.  Better Than Broadway Productions also has a variety of gown and tiara choices for those who need them in many shapes and sizes.


T-shirt and leggings. Flat earth toned shoes or boots. I will provide a dress and flower tiara.


Wear a light t-shirt and colorful pants or leggings. We will provide a shirt and hat! 



Better Than Broadway Productions will provide most of your costumes but you need a few additonal items.

  • Wear a white button down shirt & black dress pants.  Wear nice shoes as well.


Duke and Duchess

  • The Duke should wear a sport jacket, or suit and tie.  Better Than Broadway Productions will provide a top hat  

  • The Duchess should wear a suit dress.  Think Jackie O. We also have a fancy headband for you.

BAKERS & FAMILY (Brutal Bros, Sinister Sisters, Sillies & Mama)


All girls should look like Peasants.

  • A colorful dress or a colorful skirt and blouse.  Think medieval times.

  • Apron, long or short is fine.

  • Leggings.  The brighter the better.

  • Bandanna for their hair or headband with bandanna attached works too.


All boys should also look like Peasants. 

  • Sweatpants rolled to the knee, knickers or baseball pants.

  • Long colorful socks that come up to their knees, soccer or baseball socks are great.

  • Colorful button-down shirt without logos or modern references.

  • A hat or cap.  The best are hats you might see on a golfer.  Think medieval peasant.

  • A Tie, or Vest, or Suspenders - or mix and match for great effect.


Add other accessories too as long as they can fit into your apron, like a whisk or light weight kitchen items.  You can also add flour on your faces for the Friday night performance only.


Specialty costumes being provided by us will require a fitting on Wednesday. All other costumes are required to be worn to school on Friday in preparation for the Assembly Performance.  Also they should be worn to Friday evening's performance.

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