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Covid Protocols

Since March of 2020 when Covid-19 hit and schools closed, we here at Better Than Broadway Productions knew we would have to adapt in the face of the pandemic. We'd like you to know we're doing what we can to help mitigate the spread of any infections even more so. Here is what will change going forward:

  • Directors will show proof of vaccination and booster AND be Covid tested on a WEEKLY basis and will keep the scheduled school informed as to the results.

  • Schools that book Theater Week may transfer their deposit in the event of a COVID-19 medical emergency only. The deposit applies to the newly scheduled week and if need be will apply until the Theater Week is completed.

  • Live Streaming is a new included service with Theater Week. Ideally the Friday performance will be both physically attended with an audience and virtually attended as well.  Virtual tickets will be made available for sale to parents and the community. Capacity restrictions might limit your physical audience size but livestreaming makes our performances easily available to any family and friends. Virtual ticket sales will also benefit the hosting organization.

  • Any and all equipment our company brings into your school will remain there and be sanitized after each use.

  • All participants and volunteers will be asked to wear a mask. Our company's directors will also be wearing special masks for singers and wear a new one each day. ON MARCH 7, 2022 WHEN THE NEW JERSEY MANDATE EXPIRES, SO WILL THIS REQUIREMENT.


  • There will be no dress rehearsals. There will be a short fitting near the end of Wednesday's rehearsal for the children who will receive a costume from the company so we can assure they look great for the show. All Performances will still be in costume.


  • The costumes that the children receive from us will all be individually bagged and numbered and/or labeled. We will distribute any and all costumes needed for the show on Friday and in between shows we will sanitize and separately bag all costumes after the performance. There will be no sharing of costumes or make up.​​

We hope you can work with us to help make Theater Week a fun and safe activity for your whole community. We can't wait to bring live theater back to your families and present a show that's Better Than Broadway!

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